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Choosing a new travel agency is an important decision. Kyanite Healthcare Professional's team has compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and included answers to help you make your decision. If there’s something we haven’t touched on, please feel free to contact us for further information.

How Much Experience Do I Need To Travel? 
This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Most facilities require at least 2 years of experience depending on specialty. Since covid, however, some facilities have lowered that to 1 year, also depending on specialty. This agency will abide by at least 2 years of experience before placing a nurse or any other traveler in an assignment. We do this because those first 2 years of your career are spent in orientation, learning yourself, learning your techniques and how you identify with yourself in your role. We feel these first two years of learning and maturing are very important for travelers and will greatly benefit you in your travel career. 
Do I Need A Resume?
Yes. Start working on your resume now and just keep adding to it. It will help facilitate your onboarding when you begin your journey. If you need an example, just let us know. 
Is KHP a Local or National Agency?
Kyanite's home office is located in North Carolina, however we can place nurses in facilities across the US. 
How Do I Get Paid as A Travel Nurse?
Traveling healthcare professionals are paid weekly through their agency, not by the facility in which they are working. 
What Is Onboarding?
In order to get started with an agency all you usually need is an updated resume, professional licenses, certifications and drivers license to build a profile. Sometimes a facility will ask for something specific. However; once you accept an offer, we have to provide our human resources department and the facility with all the documentation they request for employment. This is a tedious process, especially for a beginning traveler, but you will be working with a compliance specialist through the onboarding process to make sure we have everything needed in a timely manner to make your placement as simple as possible.
Will I Get Paid to Cover Travel Expenses?
Yes. The government dictates the maximum daily amount agencies can pay their travelers for lodging and meal expenses. These fluctuate between locations and time of year. With every assignment, Kyanite will try their best to maximize these rates, but there's no guarantee this will always be the case. 
Does Kyanite Offer Benefits?
Kyanite offers benefits to those who request it. You will discuss this during your onboarding process. 

What Makes Kyanite Different From Other Staffing Agencies?
At Kyanite, we've been where you are. We were once new travelers with lots of questions and lots of different answers coming from lots of different people. It was overwhelming and you don't know who's right and who's not. We became seasoned travelers and see and live through the struggles that come with being a career traveler. Because we understand, we want to make a difference. We want to facilitate your experience in the traveling healthcare industry so that you love traveling as much as we do. 

Still have questions? Let us know...

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